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In today’s predominantly sedentary and unhealthy society, fitness is a good means of balance for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Regular physical activity should always be followed by a recovery phase. In addition, it is essential to maintain a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients and fiber. Fitness is also characterized by the fact we become balanced and centered within ourselves.Especially in times of stress, burnout, or depression, it is all the more important to find your own center. The Healy Fitness programs have been developed with this basic idea in mind. These programs include the body as well as the mind; we strongly believe that a balanced, sustainable, and holistic psychophysiological constitution must encompass both of them.Our Healy Fitness programs, therefore, concentrate on the holistic bioenergetic support of four essential areas: muscles, performance, weight, and relaxation. This combination is suitable for everyone who enjoys sports and wants to remain active up into old age.

The recommended usage for each of the programs listed is once daily.

Weight - Bioenergetic support for your body‘s energy balance

Muscle - Bioenergetic optimization of cell regeneration

Circulation - Bioenergetic support of the metabolic supply

Performance - Energetic activation of life energy

Strength - Bioenergetic activation of the musculoskeletal system

Stamina - Bioenergetic optimization of the cardiovascular system

Regeneration - Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality

Deep relaxation - Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase