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Learning succeeds particularly well when it is fun, easy, and relaxed.Today, even young people face big challenges: examination stress, mental strain, grade pressure, social anxiety, and others. Whether at school or at college/university, young people experience stress and immense pressure to perform even before entering working life. This often manifests itself in concentration problems, burnout, addiction, compulsions, or depression.Healy offers programs to support memory, concentration, stress reduction, and creativity-Students can particularly profit from Healy technology during exam time. Healthy and deep sleep should be bio-energetically promoted as well as learning and concentration.

The recommended usage for each of the programs listed is once daily.

Learning system - Bioenergetic activation of the central nervous system

Learning acute - Supports learning through cranial stimulation

Memory - Energetic stimulation of the brain metabolism

Concentration system - Bioenergetic optimization of the oxygen supply

Concentration acute - Supports concentration via cranial stimulation

Exam system - Support before exams through cranial stimulation

Exam acute - Energetic balancing of anxiety before tests

Stress system - Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power

Stress acute - Supports mood improvement via cranial stimulation