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These energetic programs should energetically balance electrosmog, stress, geopathic disturbances or negative influences and protect you from bio-energetic breakdowns. The protection programs unfold their effect directly in the Information Field. The Information Field has many different names, such as Morphogenetic Field, Akashic Record, etc. 

The Information Field is a field surrounding us everywhere at all times, interacting between the mental and physical world.In principle, no electrodes are required when using the programs. However, you can intensify the effect of the programs by using electrodes.

The recommended usage for each of the programs listed is once daily.

General protection - Energetic shielding

Electrosensitivity - Energetic balancing of the tolerance for so-called “electrosmog“

Cell - Bioenergetic strengthening of the cell

Mental - Energetic promotion of clear perceptual capacity

Sleeping - Energetic protection during sleep

Geopathy - Energetic reduction of sensitivity to interference fields

Subtle - Energetic protection against external influence

Planets - Harmonizing the influences of planets